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We provide high-quality maintenance services for our projects.

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New-Age Construction

We apply the latest techniques to our projects to offer the best for our clients

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Get Your Quote And Start Today

We are looking forward to hear from you.

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Our Approach

Sol Scuba has a very solution-oriented approach to our projects. With a mission to provide unparalleled quality services, we put our hearts and minds in.
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We Provide Professional Services

With the dedicated and extraordinary talent we make sure that we provide professional services to our clients.

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Cost Effective & Innovative

Every project we do, we make sure that finances are effectively used and constantly innovate.

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Our Success Story

We started as a small scale industry and to produce raw materials. With hard work and dedication, we have come so far and reached great heights. We have our manufacturing plants and corporate offices in many countries in the world.
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Our Blog

Ways to Keep Your Warehouse Safe with Pallet Racking

Safe Warehousing

One of the biggest challenges in the warehousing business is boosting productivity while maintaining a safe environment for workers. It becomes even more difficult to achieve now that Work Health and Safety acts, regulations, and codes of practices are more strictly implemented than ever. Warehouse safety standards are much simpler than they look. You can check these standards by classifying them into six facets.

Safety Gear and Equipment

Regardless of the kind of products you are handling, it’s imperative for warehouse workers to wear and use proper safety gear and equipment. Hard hats and eye wear should be part of everyone’s uniform. All employees have to be fully informed about weight limits and the importance of not risking accidents by manually carrying heavy objects that are supposed to be carried by a a fork lift or pallet jack. The warehouse must be equipped with sprinklers and fire extinguishers in the most accessible areas.

Labels and Warning Signs

Areas in your warehouse that are considered hazardous must be properly labelled. Do the same for the rooms where you store away dangerous equipment. If possible, keep these rooms off-limits and accessible only via proper clearance. Edges of each row of pallet racks and other areas that are prone to hitting by forklifts must have clear signs, too. Make sure to use the proper colours and stickers when illuminating hazardous area.

Proactive Safety Hazard Management

While labels and warning signs are effective at preventing accidents, it would be better to eliminate as many safety hazards as possible so you can do away with the signs in the first place. Improve the floor design, remove all kinds of clutter that might get in the way of people and vehicles, and keep the floor free from cracks and pits that might lead to slips and falls.

Orientation and Training

Despite having a well-executed human resource program, it doesn’t hurt to require every employee to undergo proper orientation and training before being allowed to work. The training must cover safe practices that are specific to your warehouse. They must be fully acclimated to the work environment in your warehouse before you give them permission to perform their designated duties.

Proper Communication

The warehouse is a big place, which is why communicating with each other, particularly with another person from the other end of the floor can be quite tricky. All workers must be equipped with proper communication devices so that they can relay important information, such as accidents that need immediate response or even new instructions from superiors, more efficiently.

Pallet Racking System

Perhaps the best way to improve the safety in your warehouse is to install a pallet racking system with the help an industry expert. Not only will the structure prevent accidents but it will also improve your productivity. Classifying and storing products will become much faster and easier when they are to be stored in racks of pre-determined design and size. Some warehouse systems even have special mechanisms that make accessing products even more expedient.

Tips to build a sustainable construction site:


The waves of awareness about environment conservation have reached the construction sector too. This is an extremely positive sign, as there have been continuous issues raised about the insensitive behavior of the construction sector towards nature and environment. However, the construction sector did pay heed to these cautions raised and now have come up with ways and means to include sustainability in their sector too. Let’s see how:


Proper usage of energy:
Construction companies are focussing on making their sites more energy efficient by using equipment that is much more environmentally sound. These materials have special ratings, and it is heartening to see that the construction companies are making the switch towards using energy in a much better manner rather than merely exploiting and wasting it.

Proper care for construction waste:
A lot of waste is generated in the construction industry. While the waste isn’t something that can be avoided completely, managing this waste properly is what the construction sector has to do. And gladly, they’ve taken these tasks seriously too. Maximum waste generated by the industry is now being reused and recycled. The rest of the waste which cannot be recycled is disposed of responsibly. This makes sure the waste generated is well taken care of.

Maintaining equipment:
Equipment maintenance is something that has come into focus. The construction industry is now focussing on keeping their equipment in top-class condition to makes sure it works efficiently without unnecessary emissions. The consequences of this have been very well received, and more and more companies are taking up the maintenance routine seriously.


Work on a better supply chain:
Reducing the time taken to transport materials and labor, cutting down on costs and making the most of available resources is what the construction sector is now focussing on. Efficient use of resources and their optimization becomes the prime focus of the construction industry.

Environment-friendly materials:
The constructions sector is now opting for and looking out for materials that are more environmentally efficient. This change was long overdue and that ultimately led to the development of new materials that are superbly environment-friendly. These materials are not only cost-effective, but work as perfect substituted to the traditionally used materials.So, are your ready to adopt these changes?

How to maintain construction equipment:


Equipment is an essential part of any task – if you don’t have the right equipment, you cannot do your work efficiently. The same rule applies to the construction sector, where, equipment is probably the most crucial aspect. Maintaining your equipment is as important as using it properly. So what have you to do to maintain the longevity of your construction equipment? Here are a few tips:

Set a routine:
You won’t bother and will be super lazy to take care of your equipment if you don’t chart out a routine. Moreover, fixing a routine will help you take care of all the equipment properly, with each of them getting their turns for maintenance in a rotation. Carefully make a routine and include all your equipment in it, to ensure every equipment is tended to well.

Stick to the routine:
Merely making a routine is not going to help – you have to take the effort to stick to it. Most of the maintenance tasks are carried out on off days when both you and your equipment are supposed to be on leave. Getting lazy and avoiding your tasks won’t help – you have to stick to the maintenance routine you created.

Classify the equipment and assign care:
Every equipment needs to be tended to carefully. You have to classify all of them and make sure they get the required maintenance tasks. Categorizing will also simplify your maintenance routine, making it easier to assign the necessary care for them. Plus, once you’re done with one class of equipment, you can quickly shift to another one.


Keep in mind the benefits:
There are tremendous benefits to maintaining your construction equipment — safety being the most important of them all. Other than security, maintaining equipment will help you keep up their efficiency too. It not only saves time and money but also makes sure you have all the relevant equipment related records well in place. Regular maintenance also makes sure you don’t have to face frequent breakdowns, which otherwise will hamper your work.

Train employees for maintenance procedures:
Training your employees as to how to take care and maintain their equipment will help you a lot. This will ensure that every employee is responsible for the respective machines they work on, thus reducing the effort and extra labor you would have to otherwise hire for your maintenance procedures.

New materials changing the face of commercial construction:


Changing trends have been sweeping all commercial sectors of the industry and the construction sector is not alggin begind. There’s as host of new stuff coming up in the construction sector making it more adaptable to the changing technologies and trends of the changing world. Among these are the materials used int he process of construction. What are these new materials which have replaced the otherwise traditional materials used in construction? Let’s have a look:

Self healing materials:
Gone are the days when cracks sjowed up in buildings! These new, revolutionarys elf healing materials are indeed the future of the construction sector. Teh minute cracks begin to appear in the walls, these materials begin their task of repairing them right awasy! Isn’t this an interesting trend? The solution that is mixed in the concrete is what works like magic. These water permeable capsueles set intot he concrete and once it dries, they dry too. However in case of appearance of cracks, the water that enters through these cracks activates these capsules and fills up the cracks!


Air cleaning bricks:
These bricks work as filters – they block the heavier partciels of pollutants and only let the cleaner air enter your home. So it’s basically a home that has walls which work as air filters! Wonderful concept indeed. The concrete bricks asct as funnels and segregate the air , allowing only clean, unpolluted air to enter your abode!

Mass timber:
Wood has been showing up again in the construction scenario! And no, the wood isn’t like how it used to be before- weak and susceptible to fire – it has now eveolved into a stronger version known as mass timber. Glue laminated timber and cross laminated timber are the newest types of wood which have been very rampantly used in the construction sector now. And the durability and fire resistance of both these varieties is something that has made it super compatible for the construction process.


Strand rods:
This is another stunning discovery, especially for earthquake prone areas. The materiasl used in the strand rods have the highest seismic reinforcements, making the buildings built witht hem super resistant t eartheqaulkes. Although lmuch lighter than metal wires, these starnd rods have a much higher strength, weight and shock bearing capacity.
Aren’t these trsnds super exciting?

Types of Building Repair and Maintenance Services


Your building is a structure that is builds to last for a lifetime and for ensuring the longevity and lifespan of your
building you need to ensure that you go for regular maintenance. This is the best way of ensuring that your building will remain strong for an extended period of time and you will not have to waste your hard earned money on the repairs of the building as it is considered as the most tedious as well as unavoidable task for the building owners and occupants. Moreover you will need to know the types of building repair and maintenance services that you need to undertake so that you will not have to spend your time, money and efforts for getting the work done. You will need to look for a reliable and reputable building maintenance service that will help you to get rid of your burden as the professionals of the company will complete the repairs work in an effective manner.


Benefits offered by building repair and maintenance services

-High quality service

-Timely maintenance of the building

-Guaranteed maintenance for good condition

-Wide range of services according to present

-Repairs, renovation, remodeling and expansion

-Affordable means of repairs and maintenance

The different types of building repair and maintenance services include


Routine maintenance

frequent upkeep and maintenance of some building are very important for its pristine condition as it also helps in maintaining a safe environment and serving its intended function. Hence you will need to hire professionals for routine maintenance and inspection so that you can be rest assured that the tasks will be performed in an efficient manner. With regular maintenance, all the elements of your building will function optimally and you will get the best quality service at an affordable price.

Day to day repairs

there are certain kind of repairs that need to be undertaken on a regular basis so that your building will remain functional and it includes repairs of the electricity system, water supply and plumbing without which it will be difficult to live a comfortable life.


Temperature control

the temperature of your home should be kept at a comfortable level if you want to live comfortably as it should neither be too cold or too hot. Hence you will need to install a central heating and cooling system that will allow you to adjust the temperature according to your needs. You also need to opt for regular repairs and maintenance of the HVAC system so that it works at a perfect condition and you will save yourself from any kind of discomfort and inconvenience.

Commercial maintenance

if you want to enhance the look and functionality of your commercial property or office then you should go for commercial maintenance where you can hire professional for making sure that everything is in working condition. Preventative maintenance should also be undertaken so that all the equipments is functional and the day to day operations will not be affected.