Changing trends have been sweeping all commercial sectors of the industry and the construction sector is not alggin begind. There’s as host of new stuff coming up in the construction sector making it more adaptable to the changing technologies and trends of the changing world. Among these are the materials used int he process of construction. What are these new materials which have replaced the otherwise traditional materials used in construction? Let’s have a look:

Self healing materials:
Gone are the days when cracks sjowed up in buildings! These new, revolutionarys elf healing materials are indeed the future of the construction sector. Teh minute cracks begin to appear in the walls, these materials begin their task of repairing them right awasy! Isn’t this an interesting trend? The solution that is mixed in the concrete is what works like magic. These water permeable capsueles set intot he concrete and once it dries, they dry too. However in case of appearance of cracks, the water that enters through these cracks activates these capsules and fills up the cracks!


Air cleaning bricks:
These bricks work as filters – they block the heavier partciels of pollutants and only let the cleaner air enter your home. So it’s basically a home that has walls which work as air filters! Wonderful concept indeed. The concrete bricks asct as funnels and segregate the air , allowing only clean, unpolluted air to enter your abode!

Mass timber:
Wood has been showing up again in the construction scenario! And no, the wood isn’t like how it used to be before- weak and susceptible to fire – it has now eveolved into a stronger version known as mass timber. Glue laminated timber and cross laminated timber are the newest types of wood which have been very rampantly used in the construction sector now. And the durability and fire resistance of both these varieties is something that has made it super compatible for the construction process.


Strand rods:
This is another stunning discovery, especially for earthquake prone areas. The materiasl used in the strand rods have the highest seismic reinforcements, making the buildings built witht hem super resistant t eartheqaulkes. Although lmuch lighter than metal wires, these starnd rods have a much higher strength, weight and shock bearing capacity.
Aren’t these trsnds super exciting?

New materials changing the face of commercial construction: